Introducing A Very Interesting New Book!

I have the pleasure of introducing a new book, by Cornelius Fichtner: The 50 PMP® Exam Prep Questions Everyone Gets Wrong.

About Cornelius: Cornelius has offered, for over 15 years, his informative and entertaining, PM Podcast (

That initiative was so successful that several years later he formed a new company around the concept, and developed a second offering: The Project Management PrepCast. He followed that up with a third offering: The PrepCast PM Exam SimulatorTM.

For years, Cornelius has served tens of thousands of managers and practitioners with these services, exploring, with industry experts, all facets of project and program management.

And now, Cornelius has published his first book!

About This New Book
This book explores the PMP exam topics that students often struggle to grasp. It then guides readers through the different question types, the most challenging topics, approaches for study, and coping with vague and confusing questions.

Cornelius takes the 50 hardest concepts and questions from his exam simulator and explains why students get them wrong, and how to get them right on the real exam.

One of the book’s reviewers wrote: “Managing difficult questions as you find them here will be the crucial difference between a pass or a fail in your PMP exam.”

Cornelius’ new book, 50 PMP Exam Prep Questions Everyone Gets Wrong, in Kindle or Paperback version, is now available at Amazon.

Cornelius FItchner
Cornelius Fitchner

My Experience With Cornelius
I first worked with Cornelius in 2006, when he interviewed me for his PM Podcast Episode #055, What’s Better: Competence or Knowledge Based PM Certifications? He did a great job of helping me to highlight the difference between exams that test project management knowledge, and the certification processes that assess competence, and capability to perform, as offered by IPMA, the International Project Management Association.

In 2009, I worked with Cornelius again, to record PM Podcast Episode #099, Measuring and Managing Project Quality. In 2011, I participated in his milestone PM Podcast Episode #200, The Number One Challenge in Project Management Today. At that link, my comments are in Part 2, at about the 16 minute mark.

Cornelius asks great questions, and has a firm grasp of the subject of project management; his podcasts are well-worth your investments in time and cost, for those that have a fee. I’d say that anything Cornelius offers that relates to project management is worth looking into! So, if you are interested in Project Management Institute’s exam-based project management certifications, I’d suggest you consider this book!

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