SP12: Define Scope and Objective

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The Business Need For This PM Methodology The Small Project Guide (SPG) is our universal small project management and business improvement method. We introduced it in 1986 for the 60% of very small projects that most PM methods failed to support—and still do so. From that point on, its popularity has grown around the World, such that tens of thousands on six continents have used it.

Your small projects include all the incessant, volatile, need-it-yesterday projects that may consume up to half your project talent. For most organizations, are also your greatest opportunity for PM performance improvement. They include the initiatives that remove business barriers, and get your organization working again when things go wrong.

Originally oriented towards service-industry projects, SPG’s universal benefits have attracted many other project types, including Pharma corporations, that have used it as their minimum consistent project approach for ISO 9000 certification; Aerospace and Defense Program Management teams, that use it to improve the consistency and success of the many small projects their major programs rely upon. Consultancies, government agencies, and financial organizations have also embraced the Small Project Guide.