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 “Are You Experienced?”

ladder-part-smallIt was a Jimi Hendrix song of the late 60’s. We’re not quite sure what he was talking about then, but we know today that the question is essential for Project Managers. As many enterprises are finding it to be a competitive advantage to improve the Performance of their Project Managers, we still encounter some that invest their training funds in programs that merely teach people how to pass a test. While participants do obtain temporary knowledge, they fail to develop the skills and competences needed for performance.

The result: “Project Managers” who have never managed a project to successful closure. They may not even be able to tell you how to do so. What you really need is Project Managers who can cite their successes, and explain why they are successful.

So, what is your alternative? There exist several certification programs that try to go beyond the simple testing of knowledge acquired, to asses whether your practitioners actually possesses Competence. New ones are emerging. But the rigor required for these certifications may scare off the casual, less-committed neophyte.

 CcmiconompModel: Filling the Gaps

ladder-full-smallCompModel is our tool and process that we have used for over 25 years to assess Project Roles and Responsibilities, then identify the Competences needed to deliver them effectively. We’ve used the process together with Instructional Design to target organizational learning requirements, and then deliver the right learning or coaching experience for each audience.

We’ve used PM CompModel to develop a job-design-based Project Management curriculum that delivers topics specific to audience needs, rather than subjecting everyone to the same 4 or 5 day Project Management workshop.

We’ve used CompModel to set up Competency Assessment Centers, staffed with professional assessors, and we’ve set up Project Management Offices to assess organizations, and coach project managers in their areas of greatest gaps. We’ve used CompModel to assess the teams of individual, high-risk projects, and performed gap analysis and coaching to reduce project risk. And we’ve used PM CompModel to identify the best use of Learning funds to fill an organization’s greatest PM Competence gaps.

What Is Competence?

Webster defines Competence (or competency) as properly qualified, capable, or adequate for the stipulated purpose. Our definition of Competence also includes behavioral aspects, with consistently-demonstrated and appropriately used attitude, skills and knowledge.

We add to Webster’s contributions. You may be familiar with the ASK Learning Model, which evaluates learning based on its impact on Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge. We have added a level at the top: Competence; thus C + A + S + K. Our CASK model helps you assess the Project Manager Competences, attitudes, skills and knowledge needed for each project role, to strengthen your weakest links. So, you can evaluate the Competence of all stakeholders who affect your project success.

rolesWho Needs PM Competence?

It is not just Project Managers who must demonstrate PM Competence. If your projects are to succeed, each stakeholder must demonstrate Competence in the actions required by his or her role. You must evaluate each of the Project Roles, or their equivalents (see graphic).

Then, follow the steps in CompModel to train, coach or otherwise fill your organization’s greatest PM Competence gaps.

How You Can Use CompModel

  • Assess your Project Management Office, to assure best use of their greatest strengths.
  • Assess your Competences as Project Manager (or other roles), to build a professional development plan.
  • Assess yourself to prepare to apply for IPMA-USA’s (IPMA-USA) Certified Project and Program Manager competence based certifications, or find your gaps that you must improve upon, to improve your performance.
  • Assess your current project team, to find “your weakest link”, then coach to improve it.

CompModel SlideShow

To see more about CompModel, see our Adobe Acrobat version of a Powerpoint slideshow on PM CompModel (the slide download totals about 8Mb), click this link.

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Benefiting From CompModel

We offer PM CompModel as a product (in our Products section) and it is also available as a service. See the Service options below.

CompModel Service Description
CompModel Assessment Startup Includes a PM CompModel Pro Site License, plus 1-day setup, coaching in use of the tool, and access to the application code for full customizing. Great for your Project Management Office!
Benefit from our 1-day learning experience, Increasing PM Competence We offer a one-day module in our Modular Project Management program that helps up to 16 participants to assess their Competences and build action plans for maximizing and improving them. Bring your project team!

  Identified the best use of Learning funds to fill an organization's greatest PM Competence gaps.

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