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Seems like you are always waiting for your projects to finish, doesn’t it? Even worse, you are never quite sure when your expected project will arrive. Get better control of your projects with MethodsBus!

About MethodsBus
MethodsBus is a fleet of our Enterprise and IT Project Management methodologies and toolsets, componentized to allow you to implement them gradually, or to selectively add them to your existing methodology.

What is in MethodsBus?

Here are the components of MethodsBus:

  • Prologue, our Project Request and Portfolio Prioritization Method;
  • Quest for Better Estimates™, featuring 8 different ways to achieve better estimates;
  • KnowRisk®, to manage Project Risk;
  • Plan By Example™, for Better Plans, Faster;
  • Project Audit Support Service™, to assure better results;
  • Co-Pilot: Small Project Guide®, a universal project management method for small projects;
  • MinProj™: Minimum project management for maximum enterprise-wide results;
  • THE Guide™, our Information Technology Project Management and System Delivery methodology;
  • CompModel™, PM Competence assessment and action planning;
  • Our curriculum of Project Management learning experiences, available for licensing for your in-house facilitators.

Plan and pick the MethodsBus components that will help you the most!methodsbus

See the MethodsBus Overview
Click here if you have PowerPoint (the file is 340kb). You’ll see an overview of the MethodsBus components, that can help you move your methods into the fast lane. Once loaded, click on the MethodsBus page to advance it to the next animated frame.

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More About Our Methodologies

You can also license our Project Management methodologies separately. Here is another look at them.

For the Enterprise

Get consistency throughout your enterprise with our universal methods for very small to large projects.

  • Co-Pilot: Small Project Guide, our universal project management method for small projects has three levels:
    • Just Do It for 1-24 hour projects,
    • Very Small Project for 25-120 hour projects, and
    • Small Project Guide for 121-360+ hour projects.
      For each path, we provide templates and narrative instructions.
  • MinProj: Minimum project management for maximum enterprise-wide results. The MinProj approach is perfect for those who are just starting out in Project Management. And, you can add other components from MethodsBus, such as our KnowRisk Risk Management approach as your skills increase.
For Information Technology

Our Information Technology products and services use the same Project Management terminology, methods, tools and techniques as our Enterprise versions, but are scaled up for higher-risk Information Technology projects.

  • Our Co-Pilot: Small Project Guide works in Information Technology projects, too! Probably half your staff work in small projects, and many are not managed like projects, just work that needs to be done by the end of the week. Or month. As above, our Small Project Management method has three levels:
    • Just Do It for 1-24 hour projects,
    • Very Small Project for 25-120 hour projects, and
    • Small Project Guide for 121-360+ hour projects.
  • THE Guide is our Project Management and IT Systems Delivery Methodology. It bundles many of the MethodsBus tools in one package, including the following components:
    • Project Management Methodology and our Plan By Example planning toolset.
    • Project Estimating Methodology and our Quest For Better Estimates toolset.
    • KnowRisk risk assessment tool.
    • Small-Medium Tiered or Web System Delivery Method.
    • Medium or Large Legacy System Delivery Method.
    • Software Package Acquisition or Accelerated Requirements Gathering Methods.
    • Project Audit Support Service, a series of pro-active review checklists
  • Quest For Better Estimates helps you get better estimates, faster! And, it helps you identify how to get better actuals as well. Isn’t it time you achieved success in your Quest for Better Estimates?

Note: Each of these MethodsBus components is explained further here on our website. See our Products or Services pages. Or, contact us to find out how you can catch the MethodsBus!

Your MethodsBus Has Arrived!

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