Multiple Ways to KnowRisk®

kr-consultKnowRisk Onsite

At your locations, as we have done for corporations, governmental agencies, proposal teams and consultancies, we can use our proven KnowRisk process and tools to help you kick off your medium or larger project. For over 25 years, our KnowRisk Assessment and response management process and tools have similarly helped many others.

This two-day (or more, for larger Projects and Programs) consulting service includes facilitation of our KnowRisk process, and it results in an assessment of your Risk exposure, and assigned Response responsibilities to integrate into your project plan. Involve all your key stakeholders in managing your project Risk with KnowRisk. We offer this service worldwide.

kr-learningLearning KnowRisk

Onsite, we can train up to 16 of your staff in our KnowRisk Assessment and response management process, using our unique Project Risk Management With KnowRisk learning experience from our Modular Project Management curriculum.

Offered as a 1-day learning experience with a case study projects, or even better, with application on a current medium or large project in a 2 day session, this is great for a project team, or for your Project Management Office. Don’t you think they should KnowRisk, too?

Rocky Mountain High


Have your own Peak KnowRisk Experience! Perform KnowRisk Assessment with our Rocky Mountain High, where you come to us! Fly your team to Colorado, and work with us in our conference room in the Pikes Peak foothills. Perform your KnowRisk assessment, perhaps as part of our Rapid Initial Planning project Kick-off. Then, take the results back to your organization for implementation. At the same time, you learn the basics of risk identification, assessment, response planning, and responsibility monitoring. What better teambuilding process could you imagine?

The Rocky Mountain High is a 2-day session that includes the KnowRisk project Risk assessment at our location, and coverage of our unique Risk Management learning module from our Modular Project Management curriculum.

Total KnowRisk


Does your organization really KnowRisk? Do you consistently demonstrate that knowledge, and show the needed business benefits? Most enterprises do not! If you are already reading this, you have an advantage over all the rest—you have demonstrated an understanding of your business need, and a keen insight into potential solutions. Total KnowRisk includes all the features and advantages of the KnowRisk Onsite option above, and also includes a KnowRisk site license, a one-day setup and coaching session for your Project Management Office, and a 2-day Risk Management learning experience for up to 16 people that includes Risk Assessment for a medium or large project of your choice, all at your location. An important aspect of this option is a one-hour Executive Overview on project risk management that is certain to get the attention of your top managers. Of course, this session must be tailored to the unique needs of your organization. Our onsite services are priced at our standard Consulting Rates. Contact Us via email about pricing details and options, or contact us by phone at +1.719.488.3850 (USA).

Virtually KnowRisk


Virtually KnowRisk is an online coaching and training session that, in smaller, more manageable slices, offers many of the same benefits of our Total KnowRisk offering. Among its distinctions is our ability to spread the process over several weeks of 1-2 hour sessions. As with Total KnowRisk, we include a license for the KnowRisk tool, use of it in evaluating a current project’s risk, and coaching participants in the appropriate actions for identifying, assessing, managing, and following-through on project risks. We have worked with web-based virtual conference and webinar tools since 1996, and are aware of the limitations and advantages of these resources–as well as the challenges of attention span and other-work distractions. At the same time, we are very comfortable in the unique value of this offering for our customers.

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