Get QUEST for Better Estimates™

Available in the USA Only, How Do I Start My Quest?
questWe offer Quest For Better Estimates in two versions; you can license the Single-user version for $95, and the SixPack version for $295 right here!

How To Achieve Your Quest For Better Estimates By Check:
Download and complete our order form, for the Single-User or SixPack Version.  Send it to us with a check or money order, drawn on a US bank, for the selected product version. We’ll email you upon receipt including a link to download Quest.

Then (remember, USA purchasers only) we will send you an electronic copy of the Quest installation, including our Excel-based Quest For Better Estimates application, plus an Adobe Acrobat electronic copy of our Estimating Guide reference materials. We’re sorry, that for customers outside the USA, we cannot send you Quest, due to Value Added Tax and Customs issues.