Information Technology Methodology for Better Project Results

Are You Competent In Your PM and Systems Engineering Methods?
A keystone of our PM Performance Methods, our IT project processes are not just repeatable. They are repeatedly used! Used by savvy IT organizations since the 1980s to improve their Business Benefits and Project Management transparency, WiSDM is their Information Technology Project Management and System Solution Delivery process of choice.

Visibility into projects and satisfaction of regulatory or compliance requirements is really nothing new for our customers. In fact, that has been the biggest reason many have acquired WiSDM. Only now are many other Executives realizing that they do not have the confidence in their project processes to sign off on one of today’s most stringent tests of IT project credibility. Do you?

On the other hand, IF you are satisfied with the success of your Information Technology projects, click your browser back button. You don’t need our help—at least not with WiSDM.

WiSDM is a combined Information Technology Project Management and System Solution Delivery methodology offered by ProjectExperts and Requirements Solutions Group. It helps you deliver all types of information systems, better faster and cheaper. At the same time, it is a framework for developing repeatable processes, improving Project Manager Competence, and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your Systems Engineering staff. Since 1985, we have licensed thousands of people and enterprises around the World in its use. We have licensed other consultancies to offer it as well (they know a good thing when they see it).

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  1. WiSDM Intro (this page)
  2. The System Engineering Guide
    • WiSDM: The Online Guide
    • Methods for Multiple Project Sizes
    • WiSDM for Today’s Projects
    • The Small Project Guide
  3. The Project Guide
    • Expert Project Management
    • Plan By Example
    • KnowRisk® IT
    • ProjectExperts’ Templates
    • The Estimating Guide
  4. WiSDM Methods Support
    • Consulting and Coaching Services
    • Systems Engineering Learning
    • Project Management Learning
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