WinProj Learning

WinProj helps accelerate your learning by making clear which parts of its PM Methods you should start with.The WinProj PM Methods sections are coded for their complexity level with Flags and letters, with the following meanings:

gflagA Green flag Starts every race. You will see a green flag in the WinProj pages. That means  this information is for those who are just starting to use Project Management.

yflagYellow shows a need for Caution. In WinProj it means that a more experienced Project Manager will benefit from applying the topic.

cflagIn racing, winning the Checkered flag requires an Expert.

When you finish first, you win! In WinProj we give a checkered flag to those topics that winning Project Experts will use. Work with the experts in your organization to master the Checkered flag actions. Then we all win!

Many in the WinProj audience are new to Project Management; or might have been exposed to generic PM Methods. We offer a Learning curriculum that supports improved Project Manager effectiveness and WinProj’s unique Project Management Method approaches:

WinProj Grand Tour, An Orientation to WinProj

This is a 1-hour self-paced introduction to the WinProj approach, processes, and templates. The tour is a great starting-point for all who will benefit from WinProj, and is a prerequisite to the other WinProj learning sessions. It is available with the WinProj license.

Managers’ WinProj Overview: Doing More With Less

This is a 1-hour session for Managers. We combine the high points of WinProj with our Successful Project Climate Overview as your key to establishing a Project-Oriented Enterprise that manages projects more effectively, with greater project benefits.

A Day In Your Life With WinProj

This is a hands-on learning experience, with participants using WinProj’s Phase Result and Project Management templates to first develop a High-Level Plan and a Phase Plan, then to progress and track a Case Study project. This session requires a PC lab, and has a limit of 16 participants.

Basic Project Management 

This 1-day learning experience provides a foundation in the most important Project Management methods for planning and controlling Phases of a WinProj project.

Project Management Fundamentals 

This 2-day learning experience provides more in-depth use of Phase Planning and Tracking Project Management methods. This is useful for team members, in addition to project managers. It also provides an exposure to some of WinProj’s High-Level Planning activities, so customers and managers can also benefit.

 Modular Project Management

Our Modular curriculum has over 18 days of Learning modules that provide more industrial-strength PM content. The topics range from Advanced Estimating to Risk Management, to Earned Value Management–for those who will benefit.

Small WinProj LogoAll our WinProj learning experiences are consistent with our mainstream Project Management curricula. We have presented to over 45,000 people on five continents for over 30 years.

Our WinProj methods are also consistent with the Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge. They also support IPMA’s Individual Competence Baseline, from International Project Management Association.

Why is this second area of consistency important? Because project success is not just a function of Knowledge possessed, but of Skills applied, Behavioral Attributes adapted, and Competence demonstrated. PM Competence is a WinProj approach!

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