WinProj Downloads and Demos

Downloads, and other ways to find out more about WinProj

Small WinProj LogoDownload WinProj Videos! 

See our Downloads of our “Pace Lap” videos that highlight the features of WinProj. This is the easiest way to find out more about WinProj—if you have a fast Internet connection. The three .mp4-based videos (works with everything from iPads to PCs) range from 12-17 mb apiece. To see a Download, click it below, then it will load, and start:

  1. WinProj Project Start-up; Phase and Phase Templates;
  2. WinProj PM Support, including definition of the Flags;
  3. WinProj MS Project and Spreadsheet Scheduling Templates.

License Now!

Of course, you can also license the Project Manager version, and apply the cost to your purchase of any upgrade within the same calendar year. See WinProj pricing on the next page.

You Can Come to Us

OK, here’s another way: Bring your Management Team or Project Management Office to Colorado, and experience WinProj in our Conference Room. Some of our best Customers use our Rocky Mountain High coaching services to spin up new Project Managers. You can do so too!

Screenshot of the WinProj Home Page:

WinProj front page

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