Win With WinProj, Our Universal PM Method!

The Business Need

Some people are terrified of projects. Many others should be. Why?

  • They can be difficult to plan.
  • They are often added to ongoing work, with no time for them.
  • They are even harder to keep on track.
  • There are too many of them at one time.
  • They are often Just Not Fun!
  • Managing them well takes significant skill and experience.
  • Despite your best efforts, some still fail!

Can’t someone come up with a way to improve project success, without requiring years of training and competence-building?

Well, yes, we did.

Our Solution

WinProj is the universal, Enterprise-wide Project Management and Business Improvement method you need for most of your Medium or Large projects. We based WinProj on the same competitive practices we have shared with tens of thousands of project practitioners from Engineering, Information Technology, and a dozen other disciplines.

We distilled our Project Management and Business Analysis methods from our other popular methods to their essence to produce a universal approach that can improve your project success. Then we packaged them in an easy-to-use web-based format for your desktop or Departmental or Enterprise intranet.

WinProj Features

To tempt you to learn more about how our solution will help you solve your project problems, we summarize these WinProj features:
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  • A six-Phase Project Life Cycle supports improved processes, beginning with Start the Project and ending with Close and Evaluate Project.
  • Phase Deliverable Templates in classic and Open Source formats allow you to Plan, Record and Review progress.
  • Activity descriptions for essential activities in most Medium and Large projects describe when you can skip them, identify results and reviews, and provide detailed steps for completion.
  • We identify Needed Competences for each activity; most other methods start and end with mere knowledge.
  • Roles and responsibilities are listed for each activity and each Review.
  • PM Plan Templates guide you through High-Level Planning and Detailed Phase Planning in WinProj’s Stage-Gate approach.
  • Project Scheduling and Tracking templates support either conventional PM software or typical office tools.
  • Additional PM Templates: Project Logs help you document Project Intelligence: Quality, Risks, Issues, Status, and Lessons Learned.
  • WinProj builds upon Knowledge, to develop Skills, explore ranges of Behavioral Attributes, increase and apply Competence and achieve PM Performance.
  • And, WinProj is fully compatible with the ProjectExperts’ PM learning experiences and our PM Method, WiSDM, for Information Technology, and our Small Project Guide method for smaller projects.

Why You Want WinProj

  • WinProj is the universal project Management method you need to succeed in your projects; so now, it is easier to do.
  • Universal Approach: WinProj is a repeatable process for most of your Medium and Large projects. Now you get Enterprise-wide consistency of methods and reporting roll-ups!
  • Easy to Use: Web-based process documentation and MS Word-based (or OpenOffice or LibreOffice) results templates make it easy for you to plan and document any project.
  • Compatible Methods: WinProj adapts the same terms and processes we use in our sector-specific PM methods, so now everybody can now speak the same language.
  • Portability: [email protected], our quick-reference card, goes where you go. Or take us with you on your notebook computer–or even your iPod®! (a trademark of Apple)
  • Effective Project Management: Some people think that project management is a challenge. Wrong! Not if it is managed well. We provide effective PM that gets winning results!
  • Upward-Compatible: WinProj is compatible with our MethodsBus™ project management plug-ins, including KnowRisk®, Quest for Better Estimates, and our method for Information Technology projects, WiSDM.
  • Thus WinProj helps you manage all your Vital Signs, to deliver better projects, faster and cheaper. You’ll wish you had WinProj sooner!

“Win in your projects with WinProj!”

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