WinProj Target Audience Benefits

Who Do YOU Know That Needs WinProj?

Small WinProj LogoWinProj benefits many audiences, and many different project types, whether in your office or out in the field. Participants who benefit include Project Managers, Team Members, Resource Managers, Customers and Sponsors, of internal projects. Especially benefiting will be new Project Managers, occasional Project Managers, and accidental Project Managers. And of course, your PMO (Project Management Office) will also benefit.

Given the types of projects that WinProj supports, who in your organization does WinProj help, and how does it help them?


Such irony: In today’s compliance-oriented environment, top Executives have piercing visibility into the status of almost everything in your domain… Except where your projects are concerned. And there, especially in our projects that have “soft”, intellectual results, versus “hard” physical results, we fly nearly blind. A common reaction: Impose deadlines, so we have some semblance of control. Everyone knows this drives up Cost and Time, and drives Quality and Return on Investment down. But what is an effective Executive to do?

Get some help with WinProj, that’s what. Establish a more effective Project-Oriented Enterprise: How about getting more reliable estimates and schedules for a start? How about fewer surprises? What about the ability to establish a vision and then lead to results, rather than reacting to crises? That is the potential of WinProj for Executives.

Executives who are Project Sponsors get special added benefits. Who wants to be the Sponsor of a less-successful project? And yet, many of us are, despite our best efforts. WinProj helps you focus on the areas that will help you the most, to achieve your intended business benefit.

Resource Managers

Do you have too many projects, and not enough staff? And, is everyone competing for your highest-skilled team members? While WinProj is not a Portfolio Management tool, it does give you the power to more effectively manage each of the projects in your portfolio. Of course, you will still need to prioritize your projects in alignment with your Enterprise Strategies, and allocate the right number of people to the right projects.

Especially there, WinProj helps you by providing a consistent repeatable process that helps clarify which skills you need to apply during each Phase of the project. It helps you grow the skills of your team members and project managers, so each time they touch another project they are even more effective. And it helps you avoid your most common error: Starving a project of the needed resources in the mistaken belief that you are improving efficiency; when in fact you are crippling it.

Project Managers

Many of today’s “Project Managers” are relatively new to the discipline. In fact, in the WinProj target audience, Project Management (PM) is often something many do in your spare time, along with your other responsibilities. Our experience is that a truly competent Project Manager can leverage the effectiveness of everyone you touch by an order of magnitude (that is 10x improvement). Is that not the most important work for you to perform? In an era when everyone is trying to “do more with less”, competent PM is the best way to do so.

WinProj benefits you by introducing you to the knowledge, skills, insights, processes, behaviors, and competences that make you as effective as possible in your project. Not only that, but it helps you, through careful Role definition, to remove “the weakest links” from your Project Team. It does so, not by getting rid of them, but by helping them to do their job more effectively.

Project Team Members

Most Project Team Members feel it is a career boost to work on projects. Well-managed ones, at least. Why feel your efforts are eroded by less-effective management of the project, when instead you can be gratified by the results you create?

Of course, there is a secret to these benefits. Every delegated work package or activity assignment in a project is a project of its own, one that needs the planning and tracking that the overall project requires. So every Team Member has a stake in competent Project Management, and WinProj guides you along that path.

Project Customers & Stakeholders

Customers often face projects that are unresponsive to your needs, and that merely add more burdens rather than improve your status quo. You see results that are late, and that miss your most-needed Requirements; Project Teams that deliver defective results that are unusable, hard to learn to use, and even harder to live with. Sound like your situation? Not with WinProj.

One way WinProj helps customers to gain benefits from projects is by involving you in the most important early-project activities that assure stakeholder satisfaction. WinProj helps assure your success (and effective business Change Management) by making you responsible for late project activities that prevent failure patterns in your projects. The result: you receive the business benefit you intended when you justified the project. You are satisfied Customers, not project victims.


Some organizations establish Project Management Offices (PMO) to “get control of those out-of-control projects”. And the PMO struggles because it is always understaffed for the volume of projects you are trying to support. Some fall back to the 70′s model of “project cops”, rather than coaches. And then they are surprised to find themselves feared and reviled by the very teams they are supposed to be helping.

WinProj benefits the PMO by helping you to institutionalize a proactive, effectiveness mentality, rather than a reactive false-sense-of-efficiency mentality. WinProj offers consistent milestones so your PMO can more honestly “roll-up” the status of all projects for all stakeholders. If you can prevent problems rather than fight them, you can accomplish much more and serve the mission you serve.

Of course, the list above is incomplete. Others who benefit from WinProj include these other Key Stakeholders:

  • Project Sponsor(s)
  • Internal End-users of project results
  • Internal Experts who serve as advisors or reviewers of project results
  • External Customers

Who else can you identify?

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