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Minimum project management for maximum business results

WinProj is a universal Project Management and  Business Improvement method, with life cycle Phases, suggested minimum activities within those Phases, and Phase Result Templates. Some of the activities are pure Project Management, such as estimating the project, approving Phase results, and planning the following Phases. The other minimum activities are those Business Analysis steps you can adapt for any medium or large project. Of course, you can add your own activities to your WinProj plan, too.


Executive Brief
WinProj is a universal, Enterprise-wide project management and business improvement method (or methodology).

WinProj helps improve Executive visibility into the status of medium and large projects. And, it provides project management templates and process guidance to improve project team effectiveness.

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Win With WinProj!

Important project? Of course, all your projects are important, aren’t they? That’s why you need a consistent Project Management approach, universally applied across your Enterprise.But you ask, who needs yet another Project Management Methodology? Maybe you don’t. But we suspect you are not getting the project wins you deserve from the ones you already have.That’s especially true if you don’t have WinProj! WinProj is our universal Project Management method for Medium and Large projects. We encourage you to explore this WinProj section of our website; once you do, we think you will want to license WinProj, so you too, can Win With WinProj.

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        4. Which of Your Projects Benefit from WinProj?
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WinProj: Win With Minimum Project Management, Maximum Results!

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