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Expert Project Management

tg-logo-smTHE Guide’s Project Management methods are so effective they have been licensed and integrated into the practices of consultancies, commercial, corporate, and government project management worldwide.

For example, we have adapted our Project Management methods for a major IT consultancy, as well as many non-IT areas, such as Insurance company marketing.

Given our project management power, it is no surprise that our Project Management and Project Estimating methods provide the competitive advantage our customers seek in their business today.

What differentiates our Project Management?

  • We integrate a consistent process throughout your Enterprise, with a team-oriented approach.
  • We identify & manage the assumptions that affect estimates—and project performance.
  • Our scheduling methods go beyond Can’t charts, to show tactics for acceleration and resource optimization.
  • Our low-effort, high-impact tracking provides actionable information.

Plan By Example

What if you could produce a better project plan, faster?

pbePlan By Example provides a perfect plan for projects of different sizes and strategies. It also shows you the path to reduced cost, increased quality and customer satisfaction, and accelerated schedules.

How does it do this? By combining project communication, industry metrics, and reusable templates for recurring project types.

Too many teams attempt to follow plans based on unrealistic timelines, great expectations, and inadequate resources. They are surprised when their projects produce less than needed scope, exceeding the due date and budget.


With Plan By Example, you quickly produce a perfect plan to use Technology to meet your business needs. Of course, to use the perfect plan, you need a perfect team, perfect Project Manager, and perfect customer. With our training and consulting services, we can help you there, too!

KnowRisk® Lite

kr_regDo your projects have risk? How do you handle it? If you ignore it, does it go away? The biggest problem with managing risk is that many of the best interventions are beyond the Project Manager’s control.

Thus, the secret of effective risk management is to cause your customers and managers who could manage risks (if they knew of it, or understood the impact) to do so.

KnowRisk helps you accomplish this!

KnowRisk Lite is a project process that uses questionnaires, recommended interventions, high-level strategies, and action-planning to prevent, avoid or recover from risks.

Too many risk management processes merely identify how much to charge your customer for unmanaged risk rather than active processes to prevent them. We’ve changed that practice! KnowRisk Lite is a custom, easy-to-use version of our trademarked, industrial-strength KnowRisk management tool.

Shouldn’t you manage with KnowRisk?

ProjectExperts’ Templates

Experienced team members may not need a full methodology to produce successful project results. ProjectExperts Templates provide the framework for beginners through experienced team members:

  • Initial or High-Level Plan
  • Phase Plan
  • Work Breakdown Structures
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Estimates and
  • Schedules

All in Microsoft Project Templates, for easy planning!

One of the features of the ProjectExperts’ templates is our Scaling option.  Based on our scalable methods, simply scale the template to the size of your project.

For Example:
The appropriate project template is for a 3000 hour project, and your project is a 4000 one. Run our Sizer option to scale the template up by 1.3, and you have a perfect plan for your project. Have a 1500 hour project? Scale it by .5!

Projects With Evolving Technology
Client/Server, Web-based, and Component Design projects do not work well by merely adapting classic methods.

For one thing, there is greater concurrency and iteration. And the timeframes are more compressed. And, the addition of servers, Software As A Service and other middleware add more complexity.

These project types can have a high rate of failure, as project teams struggled with the complexity.

Our ProjectExperts’ Template series, together with other THE Guide components, such as KnowRisk® and The Estimating Guide, provides a way to manage these projects, as opposed to “just doing them”.

Current ProjectExperts templates include traditional Systems Delivery, Facilitated Requirements Gathering, Software Package Selection, and Web Development paths.

The Estimating Guide

The Estimating Guide presents a selection of different estimating methods, from SWAG to Expert, Consensus to Comparison, Algorithmic to Statistical. Algorithmic methods include COCOMO II, Application Point and Function Point methods.

As well, we recommend that anyone who is serious about better estimates, should purchase commercial software, in addition to using our tools.

questSpeaking of the tools, our estimating tool, Quest For Better Estimates helps you to document the information that affects the estimate, then helps you to estimate the project multiple different ways.

Here are a few of The Estimating Guide features:

  • The 20 Questions
  • Assumptions Worksheet
  • SWAG Estimating
  • Consensus Estimating
  • Function/Application Point
  • Statistical Phase/Activity Estimating

Of course, The Estimating Guide documentation explains how to use all the methods, with step-by-step instructions, as well as explaining the industry standards behind the methods. And, for those who really want to improve their Estimates and Actuals, we offer a 2 day learning experience on THE Guide’s estimating methods. See Software Cost Estimating, with Quest For Better Estimates.

Want to learn more about The Project Guide, and the components on the page? See our Project Guide video!

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