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THE Guide reflects today’s leading Systems Engineering and Project Management disciplines. In addition to our products such as THE Guide, we can provide other methods, consulting and Learning services:

  • Rapid Initial Planning: Need to beat a timeline? Don’t spend forever getting started! Use our Rapid Initial Planning service to produce a better plan, faster! Available for Portfolio Planning, Large Project Staging, to fast project startup, we even use it for bidding!
  • Workshop Licensing and Facilitator Certification. For our most popular learning experiences, we can license you and train your trainers to teach our sessions internally.
  • Methods Enchantment: Disenchanted with your methods? We can take the best of THE Guide methods and tools, and use them to update your methods. Don’t throw them out! Upgrade them!
  • Our partners at Business Analysis Experts offers the classic JAD process. a facilitated requirements gathering, in a structured session with all your key customers. Variants of our accelerated processes deal with process, business rules, and data, and produce what you need for a great requirements definition.

Learning Services

Systems Engineering
We provide these learning experiences to improve your skills in Business Analysis and Systems Engineering (see the Business Analysis Experts’ website for workshop details):

  • System Analysis: An Introduction to Techniques and Tools
  • Defining Business and System Requirements
  • Analyzing and Improving Business and System Processes
  • Acquiring, Understanding, Documenting and Modeling Business Data
  • Accelerating the System Analysis Process (ASAP)
  • Testing Business and System Requirements
  • Developing Test Cases and Scripts
  • Managing and Leading a Business and System Analysis Project
  • Intense 3-4 Week Program That Merges All Seminars into a Workshop

Project Management
We provide these learning experiences to improve your skills in this key area:

  • Overviews for Managers
    • Managing the Successful Project Climate
    • Managing the Small Project Environment
  • Project Managers and Team Leads’ learning experiences
    • Managing Projects With THE Guide
    • Software Cost Estimating
    • Advanced Series, featuring Modular Project Management
  • For Team Members
    • A Day in Your Life With THE Guide
    • Small Project Management
    • Project Management Fundamentals
    • Workgroup Project Management
  • For Customers and Business Partners
    • Maximizing Your Role in a Guide Project
  • For Special Point Of Contact (SPOC), your Internal Guide Consultants
    • SPOC Overview (1-day, special pricing at our site!)
    • Advanced SPOC Training and Coaching (2-4 days)

See the Learning section of our ProjectExperts website for details on these project management workshops.

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