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The best way to speed to successful small project completion is to apply Small Project Guide, our fully-compatible component in our suite of Small Project GuideEnterprise and IT PM methodologies. The result: a more purposeful small project start, and a faster end with the right business results done right, the first time.

Our Small Project Guide works in a wide range of Enterprise-wide applications and in Information Technology support projects, too! Probably half your staff work in small projects, and many of them are not managed like projects, just work that needs to be done by the end of the week… or month. And now, you have a better alternative.

License Small Project Guide (SPG) and get online access!
Our customers have used SPG for over 30 years as part of their standard repeatable PM processes. This makes it useful for everything from ISO 9000 and ISO 21500 compliance, to increased project management maturity, to improved efficiency in resource tracking. They know that SPG helps guide them to increased small project performance.

What You Get
Small Project GuideSmall Project Guide works on everything from an individual’s standalone PC (personal computer) to an enterprise environment, using Microsoft Word (Or Open Office, or other compatible software )for the templates, and online access for the reference pages. We even use it on tablets (with the right apps)!

Bonus: When you license or subscribe to

Small Project Guide, you receive a subscription to our special SPG website, with downloadable templates for each path. Our design works as well on tablets as on PC’s! This special subscription is only available with your SPG license!  See your limited Small Project Guide sneak preview here!

License the Small Project Guide Now
The Small Project Guide (SPG) special anniversary discount prices are as follows:

  • The SPG Single-user License, $24.50. We immediately email you the download and subscription website link.
  • The SPG SixPack License for six named users $99.50. We email you the download and subscription website link.
  • The SPG Department License for up to 80 users $400. We email you the download link, and follow up with a cd (USA customers only) with a range of templates and reference materials.
  • The SPG Site License, $1,500 for one site. For this option, we recommend that you also bring us on-site to present our 2-day Small Project Management workshop.

Have questions, either about licensing, or our small project management workshops? Contact us for more information, and ask your questions in your email.

SPG Single-user License $24.50

SPG SixPack
License $99.50

SPG Department
License $400

SPG Site
License $1500


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If you mail us a payment, please make sure you supply us with your name, full return address, contact phone number, and email address. For special arrangements, such as for our Small Project Management learning experience, Contact Us by email.