Ways to Get Your PM CompModel™

About the Application


The ProjectExperts’ PM CompModel is a Microsoft Windows application that is based on Microsoft Access. It requires a copy of Microsoft Access on your system. If you do not already have Microsoft Access (often part of Microsoft Office), see the instructions below for the free download of the 2010 Access RunTime. PM CompModel is available in multiple versions, including one for assessing yourself and one other person. Other versions, include our Pro series, are also available.

Free for Visitors

Visitors to our site can download the Single-User CompModel Lite for no charge. Download the free version of PM CompModel Single-user Lite. Install it on your system, review the helpful documentation, and begin to improve your PM Competence!

Visitors with additional requirements (PM Consultants, Project Managers who wish to assess their team, or those who wish to use PM CompModel for their organization) can license one of the PM CompModel Pro versions (see the additional options, below).

Getting PM CompModel Pro

PM CompModel is available as a service or as a product from ProjectExperts. As a service, we can either train your Learning Organization or your Project Management Office in the tool’s use, or come in and perform the initial PM CompModel tuning and assessment, then work with you to establish your Competence Development Plans.

In another useful and popular service, we can use PM CompModel with your Project Team as part of Risk Assessment during project kickoff. In some projects, not-yet competent stakeholders, including Sponsors and Resource Managers, represent the project’s greatest risk. Contact Us for pricing on these additional CompModel service options.

Click a link in the left column to order and immediately download your copy.

CompModel VersionDescription
A. PM CompModel Single-User Pro:  Click to LicenseThis is a two-person license for PM CompModel: One for you, and one for a key project stakeholder.
$49 Single-User Pro
B. PM CompModel SixPack Pro:  Click to LicenseA license to assess yourself, plus a team of up to six additional people. Note: you can buy multiple SixPacks.
$199 SixPack Pro
C. PM CompModel Site License Pro:  Click to LicenseSame as item B, and with unlimited use at one site.
With this option, we recommend you add item E, below, to learn how to tune and use CompModel in your organization.
$495 Site
License Pro
D. PM CompModel Consultant Pro:  Click to LicenseSimilar to item C, but can be used at unlimited sites; this version is for Project Management Consultants who wish to integrate CompModel into your own practice. Step up from Knowledge to Competence! We also recommend Item E, below.
$595 Consultant Pro
E. Benefit from our 1-day learning experience, Increasing PM CompetenceWe offer a one-day module that teaches CompModel setup and fine-tuning for your Enterprise, then helps up to 16 participants to assess their Competences and build action plans for maximizing and improving them. Great for your PMO!
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