Free PM CompModel Lite

About the Application

The ProjectExperts’ PM CompModel is a Microsoft Windows application that is based on Microsoft Access. It requires a copy of Microsoft Access on your system. If you do not already have Microsoft Access (often part of Microsoft Office), see the instructions below for the free download of the 2010 Access RunTime. PM CompModel is available in multiple versions, including a free version for assessing yourself and one other person. Other versions, include our Pro series, are also available.

compmodel_regFree for Visitors

You are in the right place to download the Single-User CompModel Lite for no charge.

1. To download PM CompModel, click here (760 KB download). Save the download on your desktop or in a place you can easily find. Go on to the next step before installing PM CompModel.

2. Verify or Download the Required Microsoft Access 2010 Runtime. You do not need this if you already have Microsoft Access 2010 (or newer) on your computer. Microsoft Access is part of Microsoft Office Professional. If  you do not have Microsoft Access on your computer, download the appropriate executable from this location: Tip: Most people use the normal, non-X64 version. PM CompModel will not run without a version of Access on your system.

3. Install PM CompModel on your system, running the setup you downloaded in step 1, above. When faced with the installation options, select the upper button, rather than the Custom installation. It is important to install PM CompModel Lite to the default folder, C:CompModel.

4. Check Windows Update. After your setup is complete, you must perform a check for Windows updates; the installation of the Microsoft Access Runtime may require recent updates in order to work correctly. This is almost always the reason for a sometimes-reported error message on PM CompModel startup, “The database cannot be opened because the VBA project contained…”

5. Start PM CompModel. The setup program places a PM CompModel link in your Start menu and on your desktop for the PM CompModel application. Click the PM CompModel link to begin the application.

6. Explore the documentation. Yeah, right! We do recommend that you review the pdf documents listed at the bottom of the startup screen (they are on our website, so this action requires an internet connection). After you have reviewed the documentation support, start using PM CompModel, and get started assessing competence!

If you have any questions or problems, Contact Us!

Need Something More Powerful?

Visitors with additional requirements (PM Consultants, Project Management Office managers, Project Managers who wish to assess their team, or those who wish to use PM CompModel for your entire organization) can license one of the PM CompModel Pro versions (see the previous page).

The CompModel Pro versions allow you to customize the competences, change the roles, or other aspects of the model. The Site Pro and Consultant Pro versions allow you to assess an unlimited number of people.

In another useful and popular service, we can use PM CompModel with your Project Team as part of Risk Assessment during project kickoff. Contact Us for pricing on these CompModel services options.