Which of Your Projects Benefit from MinProj?

Which of Your Projects Benefit from MinProj?

minprojsmWhile it would be tempting to say “They All Do”, the fact is that MinProj targets a specific range of projects.

First, let us make a bold statement: for most of today’s Enterprises, 50%-75% of what you do is project work. And, much of that work you do not manage like a project, just more work that you do in your spare time. Between MinProj (for Medium and Large projects) and our complementary product, Co-Pilot: Small Project Guide®, you can now get far better control of and visibility into that work.

Benefit By Size
MinProj supports Medium projects that are greater than 360 hours of effort, up to 3600 hours of effort (based on our metrics and the most important PM Competences to demonstrate in projects of that size range) and Large projects, 3601 hours to 12,000 hours of effort.

Of course, our universal Co-Pilot: Small Project Guide® (SPG) method, for projects from 8 hours to 360 hours of effort, has supported tens of thousands of customers for over 20 years. SPG is a perfect complement to MinProj.

Projects that are larger than our top threshold, 12,000 hours, should be broken into smaller ones. Typically those too-large projects are the ones that most-often fail, regardless of the methods you use.

Benefits by the Nature of the Project
MinProj is not designed for Information Technology Systems Delivery projects. Our IT Method, THE Guide, the “big brother” to MinProj, has the rigor, increased estimating power, Initial or High-Level Planning emphasis, Risk Management, and increased Project Manager support for those projects. THE Guide has also served thousands of Project Managers on six continents for more than 20 years.

On the other hand, there has long been a gap for all the rest of IT, beyond Systems Development or Delivery. While MinProj is not designed to support the unique requirements of IT Development projects, it could be perfect for most of the other 70% of your IT organization’s projects. Those projects range from network installation and improvement, hardware/software upgrades, or others.

What Kind Of Projects Benefit?
Example Targets
  • Business Process Improvement
  • New Product or Service Development
  • Marketing spin-up for New Product Roll-out
  • Procedures revision or documentation
  • Develop and pilot a new Training
  • Major Office remodel
  • Proof of Compliance
  • IT Infrastructure or Security

Example Non-Targets

  • Defense Contract Project Fulfillment
  • Information Systems Development
  • Pharmaceutical Drug Research
  • Major Construction
  • Ongoing work processes that are not projects

All Projects need MinProj!