Get MinProj Now: Pricing

MinProj is available in a variety of pricing options for organizations of different sizes, and with different needs. And, all of our pricing is upwards-compatible within one year of your initial licensing. Do you already have your MinProj Subscription? Go to our special subscription site!

Example: License a MinProj Project Team Sixpack, and then upgrade within the next 12 months to a MinProj Department License by paying the difference.

License Option License Price
A. Project Manager’s Single-User 1-year Subscription to our online MinProj site $49 for the 1-year subscription to the online MinProj website! Annual renewals are $10.
B. Project Team SixPack (6 named users) perpetual Subscription to our online MinProj site $195 (30% discount for additional SixPacks); this perpetual Subscription has no annual renewal fee!
C. Departmental Site License (up to 64 users) $995* includes a setup file for local installation on your servers, and a subscription to the online MinProj site!
D. Medium Site License (65 – 256 users) $1995* includes a setup file for local installation on your servers, and a subscription to the online MinProj site!
E. Large Site License (257 + users) $2995* includes a setup file for local installation on your servers, and a subscription to the online MinProj site!
+ License Additional Sites 30% discount for each additional site
++ Co-Pilot: Small Project Guide Add-on  $1000 add-on to any site license, a 33% discount
+++ Add MinProj 1-day Onsite Setup $3K, Continental USA Only; includes management overview, Project Management Office coaching, travel and materials costs.

* Add a MinProj Setup and Coaching Session

In addition to the MinProj License Price, for Departmental and Site Licenses, we recommend our 1 day onsite Setup and Coaching session. In this session, we help you set up your MinProj installation for use by teams at your site, provide guidance about customizing MinProj, coach your internal MinProj experts in use of MinProj, and present our 1-hour Orientation to MaxResults With MinProj for your MinProj users.

MinProj Learning
We also offer a variety of Learning in the Project Management methods we use. See our MinProj Learning page, featuring a MinProj Overview, A Day in Your Life With MinProj, Basic Project Management and Project Management Fundamentals learning experiences, and our Executive Overview. Contact Us for Training and Rates questions.Co-Pilot_sm

Co-Pilot: Small Project Guide Add-on
Because of the great synergy between our Small Project Guide (for managing Small Projects) and MinProj, you may add a Co-Pilot: Small Project Guide Site License at a special discount when you buy your MinProj Site license (Options C-E, above). Your special Co-Pilot: SPG price is $1K when you license it together with MinProj. This is a 33% discount from our normal Site License price. Contact Us to take advantage of this special offer.

I’m Ready to Get My Copy of MinProj — How Do I Get It?
We offer MinProj in several ways, a Single-user Project Manager version, SixPack, (great for your team!), a Departmental License, and Site Licenses. Choose your version and decide how to pay on this page.

MinProj Licensing

First select the License you want (see above), then select your payment method.

About the MinProj Subscription Site!

With each of the above license options, you receive a log-in to our MinProj Subscription website! You can access MinProj with any internet connection. We use it on tablets, notebooks and even cell-phones–it is built for mobile use! For a sneak preview (you cannot see all the content, but you can  see the framework), look here!

Select Payment Method

minprojsmWe offer two ways to pay, either by check or money order via mail, or by Credit Card, for the Single-user and SixPack versions. To pay by Check, see our Pay By Check order information below.

Want to use your credit card to pay for your MinProj order? With fast payment approval, you immediately reach the MinProj download page. You can pay by Credit or Debit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover). We use PayPal to process credit card payments, because it is secure, and we never see your private financial information. PayPal is eBay’s in-house payment processing center, and is also used by many other service providers.

To pay by credit card, select the appropriate payment button below, then complete the transaction as the instructions direct you. If you do not currently have a PayPal account, click the “click here” button on the Checkout page. It is just like any other online Credit Card payment—but with the security of PayPal.

A. MinProj Universal PM Method Single-User
Instant Online 1-year Subscription: $49

B. MinProj SixPack Perpetual Subscription,
instant Online, with no annual renewal fee: $195

 To Pay by Check, or for our Site Licensed Versions

Download this MinProj Order Form (MS Word) and select your options. Total the fees and make a copy for us. Send us your order with a check (drawn on a US Bank) or money order for the price of the option you selected, and we’ll send you a link to the MinProj download (for the site-licensed versions), and to the subscription-only Minproj website!

Send your order and payment to ProjectExperts, 6547 N Academy, #534, Colorado Springs, CO 80918 USA. Be sure to include your email address with your order. Questions? Contact us by email or by phone (+1.719.488.3850).