The KnowRisk® Products

What is KnowRisk?

knowriskKnowRisk® is a family of Project Risk Management tools and services, developed and offered by ProjectExperts. KnowRisk helps to manage Project Risk. While related, it is specialized beyond organizational Risk management tools.

We’ve based KnowRisk on our Project Risk Assessment and evaluation experience, a service in our Project Management consulting practices. With KnowRisk, you can identify project Risks that you might otherwise overlook, then evaluate, select and implement recommended Risk Management options.

Ways to KnowRisk

KnowRisk IT is our original Microsoft Excel-based version of KnowRisk. It includes special Response and Strategy recommendations for the unique risks of Information Technology Projects. Available with instant download, KnowRisk IT comes in Single-user and SixPack versions. Click here to learn more about KnowRisk IT.

KnowRisk Pro, an advanced intellibase for project risk management, is currently only available as part of our KnowRisk facilitated Risk Assessment services.

Risk Management Insight

The primary purpose of Risk assessment is to improve communication among those who should manage the Risks. Some Risks are within the project manager’s control, but they are seldom identified soon enough to avoid. Some are out of the immediate team’s control, but well within the control of customers or managers.

Part of our Facilitated RIP Sessions

We’ve made our KnowRisk process available since 1988 through our Rapid Initial Planning (RIP) consulting services. In a RIP session, we work with Executives, Customers, Managers and team members to produce parts of a PM Plan. Example: our RIP Initiation produces early estimates, Risk assessment, Initiative Staging, with Schedules and Costs, and a preliminary PM Plan.

Responding to customer requests, KnowRisk is now available either as a stand-alone product or as a service. You can license KnowRisk for your own project, or administer it through your Project Management Office. Or, we can help you integrate it into your Enterprise repeatable processes. You, and your executives will be more comfortable, and more effective, when you KnowRisk.

The KnowRisk Assessment Process

The KnowRisk process brings together team members and managers to discuss project Risks. You identify the impact of those Risks, if left unmanaged. You discuss our recommended ways you can manage the Risks, to reduce their impact on your project. Then you commit to Risk avoidance, containment and management methods. If you want to significantly reduce the Risks in your project, KnowRisk supports that Risk reduction. KnowRisk is great for Project Offices or Project Management Offices, too! Contact Us by email, to learn more.

KnowRisk Pricing

Note: Due to registered trademarks and export restrictions, our KnowRisk product and services are only available in the USA.

  • Single-user KnowRisk® IT is $95 and a SixPack for named users is $295. this includes the KnowRisk tool and the instruction guide for registered users.
  • Need to KnowRisk? Our KnowRisk learning module, Managing Project Risk With KnowRisk, can help your entire team know Risk—and manage it wisely.
  • Total KnowRisk Assessment Session includes a KnowRisk site license, and a 2-day onsite Risk Assessment for a project of your choice, with our Risk Management learning experience. Perfect for your Project Management Office! Contact Us about pricing.

Select one of these options, and your KnowRisk insights help identify how to manage each high-impact Risk you identify.

About KnowRisk and Standards

KnowRisk Project Risk Management processes and methods comply with the 2009 and 2018 versions of ISO 31000, the Risk Management standard. They also comply with IPMA’s Individual Competence Baseline, with ISO 21500—the Project Management standard, and with other Risk Management standards worldwide.

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KnowRisk and ProjectExperts and are USA-registered trademarks of Goff Associates, Inc. the Project Experts.