KnowRisk® IT

What is KnowRisk IT?

krlogoKnowRisk IT is our Information Technology version of KnowRisk. Originally developed to support our Risk Assessment and Rapid Initial Planning facilitated sessions, we made it available as a product for our consulting, learning and methodology customers.

While not as comprehensive as our onsite or offsite KnowRisk Risk Assessment and Response Analysis facilitation service, it is very useful for Information Technology projects, because it provides IT-specific Risk Checklist items, plus our “Consultant In A Box” Risk Responses and range of additional Risk Management strategies help to manage residual Risk.

And, KnowRisk IT supports the same process steps as we use in our consulting services, so your entire Enterprise manages Risks in the same way.

Now you can use KnowRisk IT to:

  • Recognize project Risks,
  • Select Risk avoidance, containment and management methods, and then
  • Reduce the Risks or their impacts.

Why KnowRisk?

The primary purpose of Risk assessment is to improve communication among those who should accept responsibility to manage project Risks. Some Risks are within the project manager’s control, but are not identified soon enough to avoid them. Some are out of the immediate team’s control, but well within the control of customers or managers.

The KnowRisk IT process brings together team members and managers to discuss project Risks.

You identify the impact of those Risks, if left unmanaged. You discuss ways to manage the Risks, and consider our recommendations, to reduce their impact on your project.

Then you commit to Risk avoidance, containment and management actions. If you want to significantly reduce the Risks in your project, KnowRisk supports that Risk reduction. KnowRisk is great for Project Offices or Project Management Offices, too!

We have used KnowRisk in our Consulting engagements for over 30 years, ever since using it to help a Big 8 Consultancy win more bids, and make more profit on bids won. Responding to customer requests, KnowRisk IT is now available as a stand-alone product or service. Whether you license KnowRisk IT for your own projects, administer it through your Project Management Office, or integrate it into your repeatable processes, you’ll be more comfortable, and more effective when you KnowRisk.

Your Next Steps

Note: KnowRisk is available only in the USA.

Ways to KnowRisk IT

  • Single-user KnowRisk® IT is $95 and a six-pack for named users is $295. this includes the KnowRisk tool and the instruction guide for registered users. Interested? License KnowRisk IT now!
  • Still don’t KnowRisk? Our KnowRisk learning module (see this link) Managing Project Risk With KnowRisk, can help your entire team not only know Risk—but to manage it wisely.

With these options, the KnowRisk IT knowledgebase can provide quick, insightful recommendations for managing each high-impact Risk you identify.



More About KnowRisk IT

KnowRisk IT, for Information Technology projects, is based on Microsoft Excel templates, with a Checklist of Risk items that are most relevant to IT projects, a probability / impact grid, recommended responses, and a special section that identifies strategies for managing overall project Risks.

KnowRisk Project Risk Management processes and methods are compliant with the 2009 and 2018 versions of ISO 31000, the Risk Management standard. They also comply with IPMA’s Individual Competence Baseline for project, program, and portfolio management, with ISO 21500—the Project Management standard, and with other Risk Management standards worldwide.

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