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Small Project GuideThe Small Project Guide™ 

Don’t just do your small projects, manage them with our unique methods! This enterprise-wide method (some call them methodologies) for small projects helps you more effectively manage the stealthy, unrecognized portion of your project portfolio.


You can’t reduce risk if you don’t KnowRisk! We use our knowledge-based KnowRisk tool in our consulting service, and now you can, too! Coming soon: web-based Learning for our Risk Management module!

quest_smQuest For Better Estimates

End your Quest successfully: Use Quest to apply multiple IT (Information Technology) estimating methods, to get better estimates, better traceability, and better actuals.

PM CompModelPM CompModel

Faster than a speeding bullet? More powerful than a locomotive? Competent as a Project Manager? Our PM Competence Model helps you establish, then assess the Competences that your Project Managers and key stakeholders require for improved PM Performance.

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Our products are available with our consulting services that help you integrate them into your environment. We also offer the skill-building Learning experiences your teams need to make the most of them. Our tools, services and Learning experiences are compliant with ISO 21500, the Project Management Standard, with the latest version of the PMBOK® Guide, and IPMA’s Individual Competence Baseline (ICB®) for Project, Program, and Portfolio Managers.

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