Managers’ WinProj Overview

Doing More With Less

Why This Session?      (2 hours)

WinProj LogoEveryone today faces the need to “do more with less”. The problem is, most Managers take the wrong steps to do so, resulting in far less, at greater cost. This Overview shows Managers the best way to leverage the power of WinProj, our Enterprise Project Management methodology, to produce better project results, faster. It covers the prerequisites to success with any change, the roles, responsibilities and actions of all the key stakeholders, and the secrets to getting greater results with less PM effort.

WinProj is a scalable Project Management and Business Process Improvement method (some call them methodology) that focuses on the minimum management methods and processes needed to produce Enterprise change. While focused on medium and larger projects of departments or workgroups, WinProj supports the needs of those who are not full-time project managers, and may spend the majority of their time on “real work”. We guide Managers of these project managers and participants in ways to take a more active role in guiding your teams to project success.


  • Discuss the challenges of today’s projects, and the issues of increasing demands of part-time project teams.
  • Describe the minimum acceptable level of rigor needed for project success.
  • Identify the key roles, responsibilities and actions of project stakeholders.
  • Describe a prioritization process that keeps staff focused on the projects with greatest business benefit, and allows more efficient use of staff, while maximizing customer satisfaction.
  • Describe the role the effective Manager plays in projects, so teams actually achieve more for less; discuss the consequence of not being able to fill that role.
  • Identify an action plan for maximizing the strengths of a more consistent project approach.


This session is for first and second-level Managers of staff who work part-time on projects, while balancing ongoing work responsibilities. It is intended for use by organizations that have acquired WinProj, our Enterprise universal project management method, and helps identify the Managers’ role in achieving the goal of getting more done with less.