Management Overviews

The role of Executives and Managers in improving program and project success is huge. In fact, in most of the ProjectExperts’ PM Performance improvement initiatives, our clients found that managers, from top-level Executives down to first-level Managers, held the key to an easy of doubling of measured performance. That improvement is in addition to foundational competence-building for project managers, project team members, and the Project Management Office, the application of appropriate policies, processes, and tools, and improved communication throughout the organization.

In fact, in many organizations, the levels of competence demonstrated by the first three levels of manager above the project team can be either a boost or a roadblock to team performance. The purpose of our management overviews and workshops is to empower your organization to reap the benefits from your project teams.

Executive Overview: Managing the Successful Project Climate     2 hours

We customize this Overview for each customer to provide your key managers and executives with information that is most relevant for your organization. It provides a better understanding of the steps managers can take to benefit from your investment in Project Management learning.

This Overview focuses on whats, not hows, including what questions to ask, what themes to support, and the commitments your organization must make to maximize success. We develop different versions for different levels of management, from supervisor to executive. Go to Outline

Leading Project Managers: The Role of the Value-Adding Manager    2 Days

This workshop builds upon common knowledge standards, by also applying the USA’s Competence Development Baseline (USA-NCB), from IPMA-USA. While consistent with other standards, the USA-NCB moves the workshop beyond knowledge, to help Managers improve Performance Competence. Managers must manage the context of their staff’s projects, and coach staff in improving performance in their interpersonal skills.

Moving beyond single projects, managing multiple Project Managers with multiple concurrent projects: This workshop uniquely provides Managers with a better understanding of the steps you can take to improve your organization’s project management. It identifies the information you should expect from Project Managers, to improve project success, and describes the actions for you to focus upon, to add value in every project initiative in your areas of responsibility. Go to Outline.

Managers’ MinProj Overview: Doing More With Less    2 hours

Everyone faces the need to “do more with less”. The problem is, most Managers take the wrong steps to do so, resulting in far less. This Overview shows Managers the best way to leverage the power of MinProj, our Enterprise Project Management methodology, to produce better project results, faster. It covers the prerequisites to success with any change, the roles, responsibilities and actions of all the key stakeholders, and the secrets to getting greater results with less PM effort. Go to Outline.

Manager’s Overview: Managing the Small Project Environment    4 hours

Do your teams have Small Projects? Small project work requires a unique set of project manager competences than do larger ones: ability to react quickly, apply broader skills, and the ability to juggle multiple concurrent “priority ones”. This Manager’s Overview identifies the issues facing the Managers of staff who specialize in the “need it yesterday” small project. It describes how to maximize benefits of our Enterprise-wide Small Project Management methodology, Co-Pilot: Small Project Guide®, to improve Small Project responsiveness, efficiency and quality. Go to Outline.

More Topics for Executives and Managers

Many of the Advanced Enterprise Modules of our Modular Project Management curriculum are especially appropriate for Executives and Managers in Project-Oriented Enterprises. See those modules in the Modular Project Management section of our website.

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