Who Needs What In Project Management?

You would be surprised who needs Project Management! Especially when you have the flexibility to target new learning to each audiences’ needs. Our unique Modular Project Management program targets professional Project Managers, your Project Management Office, internal Customers, and Resource Managers at different levels. Other Stakeholders will also benefit from many modules, especially if you participate as an intact team. Select the roles your Project Stakeholders fill below.

Key to Chart Colors:
items are Essential for this role.
Yellow items are great if you attend with your team.
Green items are useful if needed for your projects, and you are not experienced in the topic. Unshaded (white) items are optional.

ROLES You Fill /
Resource Manager
Project Mgmt. Office
Project Manager
Cust- omer

Core Modules

1. Initial Planning
2. Phase Structuring
3. Activity Estimating
4. Phase Scheduling
5. Project Control and Closure

Advanced Enterprise Project Management Modules

 6. Personal Styles: Communication & Teamwork
 7. Leadership & Teambuilding
 8. Portfolio Prioritization
 9. Managing Project Risk
10. Cost-Benefit Analysis
11. Earned Value Management
12. EXPO: Establish an EXpert PMO
13. Increasing Project Management Competences 
14. Performing Proactive PASS Audits

Advanced Information Technology Modules

A. Early IT Estimating: Portfolio to Design
B. IT Portfolio Prioritization
C. IT Risk Management: Do You KnowRisk®?
D. Improving Requirements Definition

Printing Your Analysis:
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2. Review your results; assure you have checked the Modules needed for each role you fill.
3. To print Chart Colors, set your browser to print backgrounds
4. Use your browser to Print Preview (if available). You may need to use the “shrink to fit” option. Then print this worksheet.
5. Give the printed results to your Education or Learning Manager.

Note: These results are not saved. Print them twice if you wish to keep an extra copy.