Modular Project Management

The Business Problem

Many of today’s Project Managers are unprepared for the projects they face. Either they have never taken a project management session, or they had one long ago, and never had time to apply it. Perhaps they can’t get away from their projects long enough to attend a session. Whatever the reason, their skills are not current.

This is happening in your organization if any of the following is consistently true:

  • Projects are late
  • Projects cost significantly more than estimated
  • Managers feel they have no control of projects in their area
  • Customers are dissatisfied, and find too many defects in completed work
  • There is no consistent project management process, reporting, or change management
  • Executives feel their organizations’ project work is unmanageable, compared to other areas

The net result: Your projects, that could be your basis for competitive advantage, fail to seize the opportunities you expect. And sometimes, they just plain fail!

Overview of Modular Project Management

Modular Project Management increases your options for using instructor-led training to solve your business problems. It covers today’s most important project skills in groups of half-day modules. Depending on your staff training needs, you can configure a two-day session, or a complete eight-day curriculum, plus management overviews.

lrn-mpmWhy Modular?

Why modular? We’re glad you asked!

First, modularity is a product of our internal design strategy. With our modules, we have been able to quickly custom-develop instructor led training for groups ranging from Big Six consulting firms, to insurance companies, to aerospace.

Secondly, and of great importance, is an increasing need to provide “just in time” training for Project Managers who don’t have time to take an entire session. Modularity gives you the flexibility to offer the training in that way, if you prefer.

Third, we see increasing interest in “two mornings a week” training, as opposed to the five-day marathon sessions that were popular in the past. When bundled together with our Rapid Initial Planning service or active project consulting between the sessions, this provides an alternative training solution that can also improve current project success!

The Modular Project Management curriculum has three module groups:

You select the modules from these groups to configure the training your staff needs. Each module can stand alone, and deliver the material your staff needs the most. All modules combine learner-centered instruction, case exercise application, and facilitated discussion. Ask us how participants can use their own current project as their case study!

The Core Modules

The core modules present the minimum skills for any project management practitioner. The Core Modules are available as our most popular session, Project Management Tools ‘N Techniques. The Core Modules provide a consistent approach for planning and tracking any medium to large project. Imagine: Consistency across all groups and specialties in your organization!

The Advanced Enterprise Modules

These modules present special competences needed by Resource Managers, leaders of larger or more complex Projects and Programs, and full-time Project Managers. You choose the modules in this group that complement your existing curriculum, and will help your practitioners the most. Note that some modules have separate versions for Enterprise and Information Technology use.

The Advanced Information Technology Modules

These modules add topics that improve the success of Information Technology projects. For example, these projects often have greater risk, and require more sophisticated methods to manage that risk.


Modular Project Management is for Business and Resource Managers, project practitioners, leaders, and key team members of medium-to-large, to very large projects. Other, shorter-duration Learning Experiences in our curriculum are more appropriate for those who are Executives, or work on small projects, or are participants in projects.

Selected modules are excellent for participants of prior training who need a refresher on a specific content area. They are also great for experienced Project Managers with no recent training in new methods, and Managers who want to manage with better information.

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