A Day In Your Life With MinProj

Why This Session?    1 day

minprojsmThis session introduces individual contributors to the use of MinProj. MinProj is the ProjectExperts’ Enterprise Project Management and Business Improvement method (or as some call them, methodology). Based on a minimum-effort, maximum value approach, it focuses on PM steps, and the key Business Improvement steps in the start-up of a project. The challenge for many in today’s Enterprise is to start projects effectively, while still balancing ongoing responsibility. The session offers momentum in the all-important start-up processes every successful project requires.

Offered in a hands-on environment, with project teams of 3-4 persons working together, this session provides practical application of the processes, reference materials, templates and tools of MinProj. This session requires one PC or notebook for each group of 2-4 participants.

Learning Objectives; after this session, participants will be able to …

  • Describe the target audience of MinProj, and its purposes for those audiences.
  • Install and configure MinProj according to enterprise standards, and start a project folder.
  • Simulate the Project Start-up meeting, including completion of the first activities results.
  • Explore the remaining activities and their results of the first MinProj phase.
  • Plan the details of the next immediate phase, including structuring, assigning and estimating.
  • Decide whether to use the Spreadsheet or PM Software version of the Scheduling Template, then complete and optimize the next phase schedule.
  • Based on completed Requirements, estimate project effort and costs; evaluate results against the Success Diagonal; complete the High-Level Plan.
  • Evaluate the status of a project, update project tracking, and produce a project status report.
  • Evaluate a Change Request, identify project impacts, and recommend whether to implement it.
  • Complete a phase-ending evaluation and Lessons Learned.


Project Managers, their Managers, and team members of medium or larger projects that use MinProj, our universal, minimum Enterprise PM methodology that integrates effective Project Management processes with today’s leading Business Improvement approaches. Note that our Small Project Management class, together with its unique method, Co-Pilot: Small Project Guide, is more appropriate for those who work only with small projects.

For Project Managers, this session is best combined with our Project Management Fundamentals workshop; this provides the background on the project management methods that MinProj uses. Of course, all these methods are compatible with, yet scaled down from, our professionals’ PM methods, so you have consistency in project information throughout your Enterprise.


Participants complete the MinProj Grand Tour (available in the MinProj product for licensed customers) before taking this class, to orient them to the range of MinProj features and functions.