Our Method-Specific Learning

About Our Methods

lrn-toolsLong ago, we figured out that participants in other, generic Project Management training might have left classes with a level of excitement, eager to apply the methods back at their organization. But within 2 weeks, when the learning decay begins to set in, they had not had the chance to apply their new learning. This insight caused us to begin offering support tools and methods, so participants immediately had the opportunity to practice their new learning.

Of course, this also meant that their working environment needed to support their new methods, which is the heritage of our Executive and Management Overviews.

The Tools and Methods supported by this Method-Specific Learning series include:

  • MinProj, our Minimum Project Management method for the Enterprise (note that our Basic PM and Project Management Fundamentals topics also directly support MinProj).
  • Quest For Better Estimates, for better earlier estimates in IT Software projects.
  • Co-Pilot: Small Project Guide®, a universal method for business improvement and small project management.

Other Learning Experiences in this catalog provide direct support for certain of our tools and methods, and also serve those who have not yet licensed them:

  • Managing Project Risk: Do You KnowRisk®? This one-day module in our Modular Project Management series supports our Project Risk Management process and tool, KnowRisk. It is also appropriate for anyone who manages project risk.
A Day In Your Life with MinProj     1 day

minproj-iconThis session supports customers who have licensed MinProj, our Enterprise-wide universal Project Management and Business Process Improvement method. The session provides hands-on exposure to installation, project start-up, Phase Template access and use, reference in the Phase and activity Process descriptions. On the Project side, the session shows how MinProj’s PM Plan supports Phase structuring, activity estimating and scheduling with multiple alternatives.

Note that this session focuses on the use of the MinProj method to manage these project results; our Basic Project Management or PM Fundamentals Learning Experiences focus on the PM Skills needed to plan and track a MinProj project. See our outline for this class.

Small Project Management, with Co-PIlot: Small Project Guide    2 days

Today’s white-collar professionals spend up to 75% of their time in projects. They spend much of this time in smaller, “need it yesterday” tasks. And, they don’t really manage this work as projects, just “something that needs to be done by the end of the month”. This session presents a project management approach that excels for the small project environment, and is consistent with the terminology and techniques of our other project management Learning Experiences. See our outline for this class.

Software Cost Estimating, With Quest For Better Estimates       2 days

quest_smBefore you can manage a project, you must estimate it. The better the estimates, the better will be your ability as Project Manager to plan and schedule project tasks. This session provides hands-on application of statistical and algorithmic approaches to early project estimating. Of special note are the Twenty Most Important Questions to ask before estimating, and our introduction and orientation to Product Point Estimating. See our outline for this class.

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