Learning for Individual Contributors

About this Target Audience

Many training providers and their customers subject all beginning Project Managers and team members to the same 3-5 day+ training their experienced Project Managers attend. Others figure that if they have trained their Project Managers, the teams will just follow along. Not True! Since 1985, we have recognized these challenges with a separate-yet-compatible curriculum that we built from the point of view of your individual contributors. This curriculum presents useful and relevant methods for the skills team members need most, at the level of depth they need them.

Basic PM: The Foundation For Change    1 day

Today almost everyone is involved with projects, but for many people, project management is still a complex discipline that only indoctrinated professionals apply. The truth is, every one of us practices the most important project management activities somewhere in our lives. Perhaps it is in the workplace; maybe at home; or just the last time you planned a vacation. This session relates the most important and most useful aspects of project management to events in everyday life, explaining the jargon, and helping you transition your role from initiate to change agent in the aspects of project management that most affect your daily work. See our outline for this class.

Project Management Fundamentals   2 days

This session provides project team members of medium and larger projects with the basics of successful Project Management. The session covers problem analysis and work structuring, activity and phase estimating, scheduling and tracking; it applies case study exercises to provide “in-class” experience with the methods.

The differences between this session and those in our PM Professionals’ section:
1) This session is from the point of view of the team members, not the Project Manager; and
2) We scale the intensity of the PM methods down for this audience. At the same time, the PM methods we present are fully consistent with our other Learning Experiences. See our outline for this class.

Small Project Management    2 days

Today’s white-collar professionals spend up to 75% of their time in projects. They spend much of this time in smaller, “need it yesterday” tasks. And, they don’t really manage this work as projects, just “something that needs to be done by the end of the month”. This session presents a project management approach that excels for the small project environment, and is consistent with the terminology and techniques of our other project management Learning Experiences. See our outline for this class.

Managing Very Small Projects   1 day

Very Small Projects are usually larger than you think. And trying to keep them small is a tough job too, especially when you are balancing ongoing work commitments with project work. This session is for those who are new to Project management, and don’t need the industrial-strength methods of larger projects. The session uses everyday examples of project management at work, from participants’ own experience, and that of others. See our outline for this class.

Personal, Project, Program, and Portfolio Management Performance