Audience-Focused Learning

Why Three Different Learning Series?

three-levelsProjectExperts provides a different learning series for your team members than for your professional project managers—why? And, why bother offering training for Managers and Executives–they don’t manage projects, do they?

Many training providers and their customers subject all beginning Project Managers and team members to the same 3-5 day+ session their experienced Project Managers attend. Others figure that if they’ve trained their Project Managers, the teams will just follow along. Not True! The first practice mentioned above results in overwhelmed staff and wasted training dollars.

Most team members and beginning Project Managers don’t need, and cannot absorb that much new information. What is worse, you may create an aversion to the very skills and processes you wish to improve, by presenting material your participants are not ready for. The second practice, ignoring the team’s training needs, fails to recognize that each team member must manage their part of the project if the Project Manager is going to receive the information he or she requires.

Since 1985, we have recognized these challenges with a separate-and-compatible curriculum that is built from the point of view of the team members. This curriculum presents useful and relevant methods for the skills team members need most. At the same time, it provides process and terminology consistency with our Professionals’ learning.

Our learning for Team Members meets the rest of your Project Management learning needs.

Overviews for Managerslevel-executives

Executives and Managers need to know the differences in managing the Successful Project Climate™—how it differs from the conventional process culture, and how to harness the power of today’s projects. We provide a series of customized overviews, for Executive-level through Resource Manager, that show Managers how they can add more value to their teams’ projects. Of special interest is our Leading Project Managers, a two-day workshop that helps managers see how you can add tremendous value to your project teams’ efforts.

Learning Experiences for Professional Project Managers

level-professionalsToo many of today’s Project Managers are practicing out-of-date project management methods—or practicing no consistent methods at all. We provide a curriculum and methods for new and experienced Project Managers that presents a range of topics, from the basics of project management, to our advanced curriculum, through our unique Modular Project Management approach.

Enterprise-Wide Curriculum: Whether your project management needs are in engineering, defense contracting, marketing, finance, information technology, or enterprise wide, our methods can provide a consistent project process throughout your enterprise. Imagine: Each group speaking the same language! This consistency is essential for your larger, cross-functional projects.

Other special learning areas from ProjectExperts include leading-edge Information Technology project management methods, and advanced skill building for your Project Management Office.

Learning Experiences for Individual Contributors

level-contributorsYour individual contributors are your foundation of productivity and customer service. Their project management learning needs are very different from those of your professional PMs, requiring different learning. Whether organized as workgroups, as self-managed teams, or as solitary workers, when they work well, you prosper.

In today’s enterprise, much of an individual contributor’s work is project work. And we will bet much of that work effort is not managed as projects—just “stuff that must be done by the end of the month”. This curriculum focuses specifically on two individual contributor skill areas.

a)   Small Projects: Individual contributors work on multiple small projects concurrently, juggle changing priorities, try to get help from peers or Managers, and still get their “real work”.

b)  Team Members of larger projects need the fundamentals of project management, in sessions scaled and focused to their needs—not at all the same topics and focus as your project managers need.

We cover the key competences your individual contributors need, at the level of exposure they need, and from their perspective, not just providing the same class Project Managers receive.

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