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Welcome to the ProjectExperts® Learning section. Consistent with our results-oriented, PM Performance theme, we call this section Learning, rather than training or workshops. While training can be an important part of Learning, results are what make the difference.

The workshops in this section are based on our PM Competence Model, and are consistent with the IPMA-USA® National Competence Baseline, the IPMA Individual Competence Baseline, and the latest PMBOK® Guide. Our offerings are available in-house only, so we can tailor our content and methods to your processes and tools. If you want to learn to be a more effective Manager or PM Practitioner, you are in the right place!

The links below lead to overviews, objectives, and outlines of the courses. Click on the topics that interest you to see that page.

Helping Global Young Crew with PM Learning

Photo by Les Squires

PM Learning for Executives and Managers

  Introduction to Management Overviews and Workshops
  Executive Overview: Managing the Successful Project Climate
  Leading Project Managers: The Role of the Value-Adding Manager
  Managers’ MinProj Overview: Doing More With Less
  Manager’s Overview: Managing the Small Project Environment

Workshops for Professional Project Managers

Topics for Project Professionals
Modular Project Management is an unique selection of advanced learning modules.
See our “Who Needs What” MPM curriculum builder!

Enterprise Project Management
Project Management Tools ‘N Techniques® Our most popular learning experience!
I.C.E. Increasing Communication Effectiveness
Software Cost Estimating, With Quest for Better Estimates

Workshops for Individual Contributors

Topics for Individual Contributors
Basic Project Management: Foundation for Change
Project Management Fundamentals
Managing Very Small Projects
Small Project Management (with our unique Co-Pilot: Small Project Guide®)

Our Method-Specific Workshops

A Day in Your Life with MinProj
Small Project Management (with our unique Co-Pilot: Small Project Guide®)
Software Cost Estimating, With Quest for Better Estimates

Why Different Learning for Different Audiences?

You should never send everyone to the same class! Instead, give your staff the level and intensity of PM topics they require. See our explanation of the needs of audience-targeted learning here.

Custom Workshops Available Too!

Don’t see what you need? The ProjectExperts can customize to your methods! Also, working in partnership with other consultants, we offer other workshops in quality and measurement, business analysis, business requirements, and Information Technology topics.

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