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articles-mainThe articles and papers you’ll find here include hints, tips, unique insights and commentary on current project management issues. Tip: The articles are in reverse chronological sequence; the most recent ones are at the top of the list.

You’ll find Executive insights for those pursuing a true Project Oriented Enterprise. You will find articles that project professionals can use to polish your skills and knowledge, and pretty much anything else that you or we can think of that gives value to Project Managers or their organizations.

You will also see papers we have presented at events ranging from exellent regional conferences, to Executive Enterprise sessions, to PMI® Symposia, to World Congresses of IPMA, the International Project Management Association. Some of these articles have been re-published around the World, but you will see them here first.

In addition to the articles below, you can also read more than 70 Blog Posts on a range of advanced PM topics at the ChangeAgents Blog! link in the menu, above.

Articles & Papers

Acquiring, Developing, and Retaining Project Talent: How the Right Talent Improves Project and Business Success. Featured at the December, 2015 PMI Talent Management Conference, with over 12,000 participants; also featured in the January, 2016 PM World Journal, and translated for Journals in China and Russia.
Today’s Most-Competitive PM Teams: Shining a Light on Next-Gen PM Practices; from the UTD PM Symposium 2015.
Research, Knowledge Management, and the Future of Our PM Profession; originally presented as the Keynote at the IPMA Research Conference, Tianjin, China, December 2014.
When and How PM Change Agents Add Business Value; from the UTD PM Symposium 2014. Also featured as a keynote at the PMRC Beijing, China Congress, November 2014.
Closing the Gap Between PM Training and PM Performance; an update of our popular 2009 article.
PM on Tablets: Are We There Yet? Evaluating PM functions on IOS, Android and Windows mobile devices.
Navigating the SSS’s: Engaging Stakeholders for Project Success; from the UTD PM Symposium 2013. Also featured as the September 2013 webinar at PM Institute’s Information Systems Community of Practice.
Comparing PM Certifications: Which Is Best For You? See the article that is increasing clarity and excitement in the pm certification community!
Revisiting Risks: Threats and Opportunities in Complex Projects, from the UTD PM Symposium 2012.
Project Management Success and Decision-Making Under Difficult Contexts.
Paper for Goff’s keynote at IPMA-Mexico’s 11/2011 Symposium.
Four Tides Converge to Advance PM Competence and Performance; from the UTD PM Symposium 2011.
Four Opportunities to Improve your Project Portfolio Performance; from the 24th IPMA World Congress, Istanbul, November 2010.
Four Pathways to Organizational Assessment and Increased PM Performance; from the 2010 PM Symposium, University of Texas at Dallas.
Demand Better Instructional PM Learning Objectives.
Visions for the PM Software Industry Chapter 9 from the book published by PMI®, PM Circa 2025. Posted with permission.
Essential Insights In Meeting the Rising Demand For PM Performance; from the 2009 PM Symposium, University of Texas at Dallas.
do u communic8? Project Communication Planning, with a Sample Template.
Improving PM Performance in the Classroom and Beyond: A Framework for Developing PM Talent in the Contextual and Behavioral Competences. From the 2009 IPMA Expert Seminar, Zurich Switzerland.
Everything I Know About Project Time Management I Learned In Sports Car Racing.
Measuring and Managing Project Quality: If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it!
Virtual Tools Increase Member Engagement and Project Performance.
Finding, Developing and Managing Project Talent. Updated 2016!
Th Prls f rbtrry Prjct Cst Mngmnt (The Perils of Arbitrary Project Cost Management)
What Is A PM Methodology? A Search for Efficiency, Consistency, and Performance.
Tight, Inflexible Deadlines: Scourge of Projects.
Project Management Success Profile (the Project Success Diagonal); a Monograph.
Project Management Methods Improvement Plan; a Monograph.
Let’s Cure “The Dumbing Down of Project Management.”
Distinguishing PM Competence in Training and Development, Organizational Assessment and Certification, 2006 IPMA World Congress, Shanghai, China.
Risk Management: Key to Project Intelligence, 2005 IPMA India World Congress paper.
1/2005, 1/2015
Project Levers and Gauges; published Worldwide in multiple languages.
Inoculate Yourself Against Offshore Outsourcing.
Twenty Years of Better IT Estimating Software.
Using Vital Signs to Prioritize Expectations.
Fresh Face In IT Estimating Software.

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