What Makes Us Unique?

Our Answer: Decades of Global PM Performance Improvement

Most of today’s PM consultancies and training companies weren’t even in the market 15 years ago, not to mention 35 years ago, when we began offering our services. ProjectExperts has helped improve PM Performance in corporations, government agencies, and large, medium and small PM consultancies on six continents since 1982.

Targeted Curricula for Different Audiences

levelsMost Project Management trainers use a “one size fits all” approach. Our learning experiences and methodologies target multiple levels of PM role and intensity, with a series of Executive or Management Overviews, professional Project Managers’ skill-building sessions, plus more appropriate short-duration learning for managers and team members of small projects.

Why offer a 5-day (or 20-day) curriculum to all project participants, when the majority of your project participants require only a 2-3 day learning experience to improve their project Performance? See our introduction to our focused and targeted Executive, Professional PM, and Individual Contributor learning experiences.

MPM-medModular Project Management

Our curriculum of professional Project Managers’ learning experiences includes a range of relevant and focused half-day and full-day modules that savvy customers mix to custom-configure their own curriculum. Few others offer this flexibility in applying the specific Learning Objectives you need to improve project performance. And, we were the first to develop and offer this approach, in the 1980s!

Skills Needs Assessment Process (SNAP)


For our professional PM curriculum, SNAP, with its pre- and post-course evaluation, has helped discerning enterprises to target the right level of intensity for each topic or learning objective. For learning experience customizing and post-course performance evaluation, few project management offerings match this level of measurement—way beyond smile sheets.

SNAP is available as a service with our professional PM curriculum. Want to know more? See our Adobe Acrobat sample SNAP.

Improving Individual and Team PM Performance Competence

cmiconSince 1983, PM CompModel, our Project Management Competence (or Competency) Model has helped project managers, team members, resource managers, sponsors, PMO Managers, and other key stakeholders to improve Project Management Competence and Performance. Obviously, improving PM Performance goes far beyond just sending people to class; this tool helps you understand your teams’ greatest gaps, and the additional interventions needed to truly improve PM Performance.

Used by savvy enterprises seeking better Performance, PM CompModel has been adopted by Project Management Offices and Human Resources managers as their tool of choice, to help improve competence development and project Performance. PM CompModel licensees move beyond knowledge acquisition, to assess and develop skills, improve behavioral attributes and interpersonal skills, establish competence, and achieve PM Performance. Are you competent as a PM?

Range of PM Methods and ToolsSmall Project Guide

PM Performance is not just all about training and coaching. It also requires appropriate methods and tools. Our methods have helped businesses, government agencies and consultancies to improve their PM Performance. For over 25 years, we have used our tools in our project consulting engagements to improve our customers’ success.

Our KnowRisk® Risk Management approaches brought innovation to the “Big Eight” consulting industry, and changed the way the industry bid projects. And, our universal Small Project Guide PM methodology has helped tens of thousands for over 30 years.

Workshop Licensing and Facilitator Coaching

For our mainstream series of professional Project Managers’ learning experiences, we offer our client enterprises the opportunity to license a workshop, then train your trainers in its delivery. Why put up with a variety of generic workshops from different vendors, when you can tailor exactly the curriculum your different audiences require> Perform your own training, in-house, with your own facilitators. When combined with our SNAP (Skills Needs Assessment Process) tool, you can assure that your trainers have mastered our material and its delivery.

Thinking Beyond the BOK

pmbok-guide-medOur methods don’t just copy the PMBOK® Guide; in fact, each release of this USA ANSI standard looks increasingly like our 1985-published methods. Our learning experiences and methods preceded Duncan’s 1991-1996 PMBOK Guide and Max Wideman’s original 1987 PMBOK. Today we are fully consistent with the current PMBOK Guide, where we do not extend beyond it.

Example: Special application areas, such as Information Technology, require more product-oriented guidance, such as use of Business Analysis for better requirements. We defined the role, and provided needed guidance and templates in 1985, with our original IT methodology.

Popular Articles and Publications

Our articles and publications have been re-published (with our permission) on websites and in professional magazines and journals world-wide. And, we don’t just stop there; we managed the project to develop the USA’s National Competence Baselinethen participated in the projects to update the IPMA Individual Competence Baseline, and the PMI® Competence Development Framework 2nd Edition.

We co-wrote the 50 page chapter on Project Communication for Germany’s advanced PM certification baseline, and wrote chapter 9, Visions for the PM Software Industry, for a book by PMI, Project Management 2025. Our contributions to the 90+ Change Agent blog series on the IPMA-USA website, are repeated here at ProjectExperts. Prolific? Yes! Insightful? Always! Finally, see a selection of our globally-published articles here on this website.

Consultant to Consultants

In addition to helping enterprises and government agencies across six continents to improve their project management performance, we have also provided the secret weapons of competitive advantage to consultancies large, medium and small. They use our methods, and integrate them with their own offerings. For them, the result: They win more bids, and make greater profit on bids won. That’s why we are the ProjectExperts!

Supporting Professional Organizations

In ipma-logo-vsaddition to involvement in PMI® and IPMA-USA initiatives, our principal is a recent Executive Board Global Vice President of Marketing & Events for IPMA, the International Project Management Association.

Our learning experiences qualify for re-certification credits for all popular professional PM associations. We are registered with the IPMA-USA Competence Enabler program, for PM training organizations that know how to move beyond knowledge, to improved competence and PM Performance.

When we talk about PM Performance, we are applying four key dimensions: Personal, Project, Program, and Portfolio performance; the four Ps of improved organizational performance!

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