Principal’s Bio: Stacy A. Goff

STACY A. GOFF, the PM Performance Coach, is CEO of ProjectExperts, a US-based Project Management consulting and learning experience (sometimes called “training”) company. Mr. Goff’s professional affiliations include serving as a founder and 2009-2015 President of IPMA-USA; and served two terms (2011-12, 2013-14) as the IPMA® Vice President of Marketing & Events. IPMA is the International Project Management Association—the world’s first professional PM association. In 2015, he was named an IPMA Honorary Fellow, in recognition of his contributions to the profession, and to society.

stacy-standingGoff has also been a long-serving contributor to the Project Management Institute. By the year 2000, he had introduced over 45,000 pm practitioners to more-effective project management. He helped co-found a PMI® chapter, participated in the project to develop PMI’s Project Manager Competency Development Framework, 2nd Edition, and wrote Chapter 9, Visions for the PM Software Industry, for PMI’s book, Project Management Circa 2025.

A Project Manager since 1970, and project management consultant since 1982, his consulting services focus on improving Project Manager and Stakeholder PM Competence, and PM performance. His methods improve project responsiveness and effectiveness for all types of organizations, including engineering, information technology, government, consultancies, pharma, defense/aerospace, health services, finance, insurance, ‘big oil’, and manufacturing.

A popular, dynamic speaker, he has spoken at dozens of World Congresses, national events and regional symposia in dozens of nations, just in the last ten years. In speaking engagements and his workshops, he presents insights of great interest to Executives, Managers, Project Managers, project leaders, technical staff, and team members. He leverages his experience by licensing his workshop materials, tools and methodologies to other consultancies, and to government agencies and enterprises on six continents.

Goff co-authored a comprehensive, competitive-practice-oriented 50 page chapter on Project Communication in IPMA-Germany’s extended National Competence Baseline. This revolutionary four-volume reference was used in the advanced, competence-based development and assessment of project managers in Germany. It is a standard textbook in Universities, and is the vital reference for IPMA’s advanced range of assessments in Germany. The books are essential for all truly competent project managers.

From the eighties onward, he co-authored and published an automated project management and systems delivery methodology for Information Technology projects; KnowRisk®, an industry-changing risk management process and framework, and our unique Small Project Guide, a universal small project management approach. A prolific writer and speaker, his articles and webinars appear on this ProjectExperts website, on the website, and on the IPMA and PMI websites. His articles have been translated and re-published (with permission) Worldwide, with recent examples in Poland, Russia, Italy, Spain, Mexico, India and China.

Mr. Goff brings a results-oriented approach to the project management world. He creates excitement for high-quality, on-time, in budget project performance, balanced with lasting business benefits. In his learning experiences, presentations, or in consulting, he combines his knowledge of project management with a unique sensitivity for the human aspects of projects. The result: Increased project and business success.

Specialty Areas

A focus of Goff and his ProjectExperts firm since the early 1980s has been increased Enterprise-wide project management performance improvement. He accomplishes this through increased managerial accountability, PM methods, results-oriented PM Learning, Project Management Office enhancement, and improved Portfolio planning, management and reporting. Other specialties include: