Our Audiences

For over 40 years, our audiences have included the following:

  • Practicing project managers, who know they can produce even better results, and work with us when seeking ‘the secret sauce’;
  • Managers of those who manage projects, because they want to maximize their successes;
  • Resource managers, who manage the team members of projects; they want to boost team member impact, while intelligently balancing other responsibilities;
  • Executives, and Project Sponsors, who seek our services and innovations to vastly improve their project successes;
  • Consultancies, large and small, who have used our products, methods, tools and coaching services, to ‘win more bids. and make more profit on bids won’;
  • Project Management Office members, who seek to vastly improve project results within your organization;
  • Project team members who wish to improve their effectiveness–and success–and personal satisfaction–in projects;
  • Trainers, and those in educational institutions, who understand adult learning, and the need to bridge the gaps between basic knowledge, competence, and performance;
  • Students and other individuals who are eager to embrace the secrets to success in the arena of global business change.
  • National and global professional associations, who track our innovations, then adopt our insights and publish our articles, to improve their services for their stakeholders;

Why Should You Care?

You represent one or more of those groups; our website offers you ways to achieve all of the above–IF you are ready to move beyond memorization of simple processes, to truly embrace PM Performance.