For Sale!

This ProjectExperts® Domain Name and USA Registered Trademark Are For Sale!


Originally established in 1995, ProjectExperts is a Colorado-registered division of Goff Associates, Inc. As a global provider of project management coaching and training, we felt the name more-clearly described who we are. And, with the emergence of the Internet, we felt the name would be especially useful in our online marketing.

ProjectExperts linear logoWe were correct: When we migrated our project management-related website to in 1996, it was immediately more popular than our initial website, In 1997, we initiated the process to trademark ProjectExperts with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. That process was successfully completed in 1999.

Our company had worked in dozens of countries since 1982, so we had hundreds of corporations, government agencies, and other consultancies, who benefitted from our services and products. By the year 2000, we calculated that we had trained, both directly and indirectly (through licensing of our materials), over 45,000 project and program management practitioners and team members. Our success stories, blog posts, and articles were the most popular sections of our website.

Why Are We Selling the Identity?

We are selling the domain name and US Trademark because we are stepping back from our international travel, to focus on writing books, and continuing our coaching services. Forty years of international globe-trotting has been great, but we are “getting off the road!”

Stacked ProjExpert

Is The Logo Included?

Absolutely yes! The process to create that logo was a labor of love! Both logos, the linear version and stacked version, are available for the ProjectExperts domain and trademark buyer’s exclusive use.

How Can I Learn More?

Email us at Ask us your questions, and we will answer them!


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