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Since 1982, ProjectExperts has offered project management learning experiences, products, and PM Per4mance coaching and consulting services. We’ve served enterprise executives, government agency leaders, other consultancies, project teams, PM practitioners, and PMOs on six continents. What is PM Per4mance? Our learning, methods, tools, coaching and published insights improve and increase Personal, Project, Program, and Portfolio Management Performance: Those are the 4Ps of PM Per4mance.

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Goff Named IPMA Honorary Fellow, 2015. And, see more news about ProjectExperts’ global adventures.

The ProjectExperts Bring Back Our PM Pills!

It’s been six years since you’ve seen our famous ProjectExperts’ PM Pills, and now we’ve brought them back! Everyone wants easy solutions to PPPM challenges, and in the spirit of poking fun at those who merely solve symptoms, our PM Pills have long been a favorite!

ProjectExperts Talent Pills

Co-Pilot for Small Projects

spg30thFor over 30 years, Co-Pilot: Small Project Guide has helped individuals and teams to improve project performance. Co-Pilot is our universal Small Project Management and Business Improvement method, developed in 1985 for the 70% of your projects that most PM methods fail to support.

Small projects consume up to half your project talent, and may be your greatest opportunity for PM performance improvement! Increase your small project success with Co-Pilot: Small Project Guide!®

Seeking Advanced PM Insights?

See over 70 blog posts and 30 articles; click the Blog and Articles menu links above.

MinProj: Universal Enterprise PM Methodology!minproj logo

Improve Enterprise-wide project management effectiveness with MinProj. MinProj is our universal Business Improvement and Project Management methodology.

Our latest update is now available online, on a unique subscription basis. Want to know more about MinProj? Click here.

Are You Experienced? CompModel Knows!


We know that Jimi Hendrix was talking about other types of experience in his popular song, but we understand the experience differences between basic Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes, and PM Competence.

PM CompModel not only reflects PM Knowledge standards, but more importantly, it reflects USA and global Competence Baselines for Project and Program Managers.ladder to competence

Mind the Competence Gap!
Bring in-house our 1-day  learning module, Increasing PM Competence.

Based on PM CompModel, this workshop helps your PMO or project team to assess PM Competence, then establish a Competence Development Plan.

Want to Improve Team Results?

Use our Modular Project Management PM Learning series to custom-develop your own advanced PM curriculum to improve PM Per4mance for the rest of your team, your Sponsors, and your Managers.

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